Day #317: Thank YOU!!

Guess what?!  I am a nominee for a Black Weblog award in the category of Best Business Blog and its all because of great readers like YOU!  The Black Weblog awards have been around since 2005 and aim to honor the best blogs by African-American bloggers.  The goal is to raise awareness by spreading the word about folks who are producing great content.  Last month, I asked my readers to consider nominating me and nominate me they did!  I am now one of five finalists in the business category and couldn’t be more pleased!

Of course, being an incredibly competitive person, I agree that it is an honor just to be nominated, but I still want to WIN!  Could you help me out?  Go to the ballot and vote for me.  Be careful!  The ballot has multiple pages and you MUST cast a vote in every category before you can submit your ballot.  Don’t worry, you can opt for “NO VOTE THIS CATEGORY” if you like.  Just make sure you vote for ME in the Business category.  You can only vote once per computer, but please spread the word so that I can drum up every possible vote.

I know, I know, it’s a little shameless to come right out and beg for votes.  However, here’s the way I look at it.  Sometimes, you just have to toot your own horn.  If you don’t, who will?  When you work hard and do your very best day in and day out, I think its ok to stick your chest out here and there and ask for a little recognition.  In the spirit of the NBA playoffs, lets go with a basketball analogy.  Even though those guys are getting paid a heck of a lot of money to effectively ‘just’ play a game, you have to admit that they are very talented athletes.  They go to battle for 48 hard-fought minutes at a time and the marquis players barely get a break.  Tempers flare.  The stakes are high.  They take no prisoners.  So, when LeBron James gets an opportunity for a slam dunk, the emotion of the moment might move him to hang on the rim a little bit afterwards.  I’m not mad at him for that.  He shows up and shows out.  More power to him.  I do my best to pump out useful content so that perhaps folks who care to read what I write can learn a thing or two and possibly find some entertainment or even a personal connection to my stories at the same time.  That’s a lot of work day in and day out, but I do it because I enjoy it.  It is therapeutic for me and hopefully provides a service to others.  Every time someone comments to me that they read this blog or enjoyed something that I wrote, I’m touched.  Being nominated for an award for this blog is special.  Actually winning that award would be AWESOME.  It would be MY chance to hang on the rim a little bit.  What a special feeling that would be.  Don’t we all need those ‘look at me, see what I can do’ moments?

Thank you again for reading.  If you like it, vote for me.  If you love it, get your friends to vote too.

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