Day #346: Quest to be the Best

I remember having a conversation with my father once when he was disappointed about a tough loss in a college football bowl game.  He was working to collect his thoughts in order to address the team, coaches and fans.  For most of the conversation, he was staring at his shoes — clearly deep in thought.  Finally, he turned and looked at me and said, “Why would anyone ever want to be second best?“  I had no answer for him because I too could appreciate that deep need to win — and win BIG.

I tell that story to provide further insight into my competitive nature.  I feel a little guilty about it at times.  Far too many times I have said, “I am going to _______ even if it kills me!” and I meant it.  I suppose it all goes back to my feelings about living a life with passion.  I would probably rephrase my father’s question as “Why would anyone ever want to live a life that lacks passion?”  Passionate people want to win and are willing to work hard for it.  Maybe that’s why I like investments so much.  I appreciate the risk/reward tradeoff and I’m willing to take a risk for the potential of great rewards in the future.  I know that there are so many things in life that we just have to suck up and do, but there are so many opportunities for passion and excitement.  Sometimes I think we forget just how much power we have.  Most of us may have not reached that point of self-determination when we call all of the shots and live life on our own terms, but we still have options for happiness and fulfillment.  In the context of passion, I don’t mind losing or coming in second as long as I put my heart and soul into it.  That sentiment also reminds me of my father.  He always told me that he didn’t expect me to follow in his footsteps career-wise.  Instead, he told me he simply wanted me to be the best I could be at whatever I chose to do.  It’s funny that I ended up choosing his exact career path!  Is that reverse psychology rearing its ugly head again?  icon smile Day #346:  Quest to be the Best

The point of all of this (obviously) is passion.  I am passionate about this blog and the inspirations that lead me to write it.  I hope that you appreciate the effort and have gained something from my writings.  Today is the last day to vote for this blog as best business blog for the Black Weblog awards.  Could you do me a favor and cast a vote if you haven’t already?  It would mean a lot to me.  Further, if you are passionate enough to vote for me, perhaps you could do something else.  These first 365 days are quickly coming to a close and I can’t figure out what should come next.  Should I continue?  Should I ‘ride off into the sunset’?  Should I change the theme?  Should I start a new blog altogether?  I can’t decide.  All along, this has only partially been about me.  The other part was about the folks who might read and find what I have to say interesting or in some way beneficial.  If you fit into that category, please let me know your thoughts.  I’d really appreciate it

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