Day #270: Spring Cleaning

In the last six weeks, I’ve lost about 15 pounds.  It’s amazing what stress will do to you!  I’m not sure if I’m done losing weight yet, but it’s making me crazy that my clothes aren’t fitting me very well anymore.  I keep joking that pretty soon, my primary wardrobe staples will be duct tape and safety pins!  So, I’ve made the decision that this weekend, I’m going to focus on my closet.  After I do the laundry and ironing, I’m going to take inventory.  I’m going to take a hard look at what I have and get rid of the things that I cannot or will not wear anymore.

Now, since these clothes are in pretty good condition, I don’t want to just throw them away.  I could take them to a thrift store or even a consignment store.  However, I think I want to try something different.  I think I will take my oversized clothes to a women’s shelter.  There is one here where I live that I’ve heard a lot of good things about.  It houses about 350 women and children and many of the women are referred through the justice system.  It is my understanding that these women are trying to get a fresh start in life and could use a lot of help turning their lives around.  They need counseling and tutoring and CLOTHES.  I don’t know if my things will suit them, but I guess it’s better than nothing and if they really don’t like them, they can sell them at their thrift store.  One way or another, my weight loss might be someone else’s gain.  If I had the time, I would volunteer at the Center, but there are only so many hours in my day.  Giving them my clothes is the most I can reasonably do right now.  Maybe when my world slows down a bit I can do more if they will have me.

I’ve heard lots of financial advisors suggest some simple rules to people who overspend.  One of those is that for every one new item you buy, you must get rid of two.  This makes you give more thought to your purchases and reduces clutter.  I think I will follow that rule with my clothes (or at least a one-for-one rule).  I will put myclothing donations together first.  I will weed out all of the things that no longer fit or are no longer my style.  When I go out to do my bargain shopping to fill the holes in my wardrobe, I will certainly purchase no more items than I discard, but if possible, I will purchase far less than I discard.

The other thing I plan to do while doing my closet work this weekend is to inventory my fabrics.  I have many yards of beautiful fabrics for suits, dreses and blouses.  It’s finally time for me to face reality and realize that I will never get the time to stitch up my own clothing.  It’s time for me to find someone to do this for me.  I have no idea where to begin, but there has to be SOMEONE near where I live who can take my beautiful fabrics that I’ve purchased all of the world and create a new wardrobe that actually fits my new body.  If any Alabamians have suggestions for me, PLEASE drop me a note!

So, that’s my plan for the weekend — a little spring cleaning, donating and shopping.  What’s on tap for you?


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