New Year, New ???

Wow! It’s 2012 already!! What will the new year bring? New challenges? New opportunities? New attitudes?

As I reflect on 2011 and look ahead to 2012, what strikes me most is that life is truly what you make it. If you have no goals, what will you accomplish? If you simply take life as it comes, how do you get ahead?

Some days, I truly wish that I could just take life one day at a time. I wish that I could wake up each morning and move through my day in whatever direction the wind blows me. My world just doesn’t operate that way. I need a plan — for today, tomorrow, this week, this month, etc.

With those thoughts in mind, how will I embrace 2012? What will I do differently? What do I hope to accomplish? I think it’s time from some of those realistic, specific goals to ring in the new year. Here they are:

  1. Blog! My goal is to write at least once each week. The cost is minimal and the rewards are great, so why not
  2. Finish my book. I think this one is a matter of simply sitting down and getting it done. Who knows if I’ll even send it to a publisher. Still, there is a book that I am dying to write and I need to make it happen.
  3. Run.  I REALLY want to complete a marathon this year.  In my effort to streamline, I think I might have to switch from triathlon to running.  It fits my schedule better, and (to be honest) I’m better at it.

There others, but those are the specific goals that are on my mind at the moment.

What about resolutions?  Those are a little different from goals.  Resolutions are more attitudinal.  They focus on differences that you will make in your head and your heart and are a lot less measurable.  I have a few of those too.

I want to figure out that work-life balance thing.  I work hard and am pretty unapologetic about it.  However, I need my kids to know how amazing and wonderful I think they are.  I hope to never miss a basketball, baseball or soccer game this year.

I want to smile more.  I get so locked into my own world and am so intensely focused that I don’t smile as much as I should.

I want to undercommit and overdeliver.  I hate to disappoint.  Maybe if I say “No” more often, I’ll be less likely to drop the ball.

I want to be happy.  Sometimes we get so focused on making everyone else happy that we lose sight of who we are and what truly makes us happy.  It’s never too late to get to know yourself a little better.

So, now I have goals and resolutions and can get 2012 started with a clear direction and purpose.  I suppose the ultimate goal is to be better.  What goals and resolutions can I set so that ultimately I can be a better person?  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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