Day #202: Happy Birthday, Honey!!

Birthdays are HUGE in our house.  It’s that special day that you don’t have to share with anyone.  To make it extra special, we always try to be particularly thoughtful and mark the day with all of the little things that matter to the birthday boy or girl.

Warm-Up Gift #1

Well, I’m writing this in advance so that my first gift to my honey is my undivided attention.  It always feels like we are two ships passing in the night.  It’s a good thing that we work together so at least we get to bump into each other in the hallway!

Warm-up Gift #2

All week, the boys were beside themselves with excitement.  On Wednesday, the boys and I went to a basketball game at the university.  Just as we were getting settled in our seats, someone from the events staff came by and asked if the boys wanted to participate in the dance contest at halftime.  The baby declined as he was too afraid (and too tired) to dance in front of a crowd.  My older boy was shaking with excitement.  Just before he dashed off for the contest, he leaned over to me and said “I really hope I win so I can give the prize to Papi for his birthday!”  Can you believe that the little stinker actually won?!  It was very cool and now he has a $25 restaurant gift card to give to his dad for his birthday!

Warm-up Gift #3

I asked the baby what he wanted to give his dad for his birthday and he said an ‘I love the East Carolina Pirates’ shirt.  Since those are a little hard to come by in Alabama, I asked him for another idea.  He then told me he wanted to get him a new pair of shoes.  I wasn’t exactly sure where that was coming from, so I asked him one more time.  He furrowed his brow and tapped his temple.  Finally he said “I don’t know Mommy, but if you get him something for me I promise not to tell him what it is this year.  I know I had a little problem with that before!”  I found the perfect thing!

THE Gift:  Three Days, His Way

As I mentioned in the beginning, birthdays in our house are about showing the person that you appreciate them and want them to feel special and know that you put considerable thought into how best to honor them.  As I racked my brain to figure out how best to honor the love of my life, I couldn’t think of anything better than the gift of time.  I am giving my husband three full days to spend any way he wants.  Now, some of that time is already earmarked, but I don’t think he would have it any other way:

  • Saturday:  The kids have basketball games starting at 8 AM so there won’t be any sleeping in.  However, my husband lives for our kids and me so I know that there is nowhere else he’d rather be.  After the games, I’ll let him relax a bit before we take him out for a late lunch/early dinner with his restaurant gift card that our little dancing machine earned for him.  We’ll go from there to see our university’s men’s basketball team take on their conference rival.  A win would really cap off the day!
  • Sunday:  Normally my husband makes breakfast for us on Sunday, but not this weekend.  This weekend, I’ll be popping those frozen waffles in the toaster and pouring the juice.  OK, OK, he gives us a much better Sunday breakfast than that, but I don’t want to set the bar too high.  After church and another basketball game for our eldest, I will let my husband retire to his ‘man cave’ to watch the NFL.  I’m thinking of even letting him take his dinner in his recliner so he doesn’t have to miss any of the action!
  • Monday:  This will be the tough one, but I think I can do it.  My husband is the one who gets up first on weekdays to feed and dress the boys.  This leaves me an extra few minutes to drag myself out of bed and try to whip myself into shape.  This Monday I will let HIM sleep.  He tends to work from home on Mondays, so I plan to let him have a full day to himself to move at his own pace without interruptions.  The boys and I will be back in the afternoon to love on him.  There is one catch to all of that peace and quiet.  By 5:00, he will need to change out of his shorts and flip-flops and into a shirt and tie.  Since we’re too busy right now to get out for dinner and our babysitter has the flu, I splurged and hired a professional chef to come to us.  Chef Michael and I have put together an absolutely amazing menu for the evening filled with all of my husband’s favorite foods — from appetizers to dessert.  Our candlelight dinner will be served just after the boys go to bed.  I think he’s going to LOVE it!  I hope he doesn’t eat TOO much though.  On Tuesday he’s got to get up early and take care of the kids!  icon smile Day #202: Happy Birthday, Honey!!

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