Day #294: Intense Joy

Recently I wrote about self-actualization and the characteristics of self-actualized people.  One of those characteristics is having peak experiences.  Yesterday was a prime example.  I had one of the best days ever.  I started the day with my family and ended it with friends.  I was present in the moment and enjoyed every second.  What made these ‘peak’ experiences was that many people might say that it was an ordinary day.  Sure, it was a holiday and I had a chance to do something out of the ordinary, but I found incredible joy in all that I did.

In the morning, I went to church with mother, my husband and my boys.  My mother and I dressed up and capped off a really wonderful weekend of girl-time.  My mom is one of those truly special people in my life.  Even though we had barely 48 hours together, it was quality time and I’m thankful for it. Our tradition is that we always spend Easter together and I cherish it.  This year, I think it was even more important since we just lost someone so special to both of us.  We needed time together to laugh and cry and reminisce.  We went to see my babies play baseball and took a break between games to go shoe shopping.  We laughed because it seems as if when we go shoe shopping, common sense takes a backseat (for me at least).  We laughed about the time many years ago that we went shoe shopping and had my newborn baby with us.  At one point, we thought it might be easier to push the stroller aside to have easier access to the many racks of glorious shoes.  Besides, since the baby was sleeping, it would give him more peace as well.  Wouldn’t you know it?  We shopped and shopped and as we were leaving the store we kept thinking “Are we forgetting something?”  In unison, we yelled “THE BABY!“  Yes, I am a horrible mother.  I pushed my baby in a corner and almost left him because I was so engrossed in shoes.  It’s a sickness.  He was fine and we laughed about it later.  Of course, all of the disapproving women in the store were shaking their heads and muttering under their breath.  Eh!  Get over it!  This weekend was reminiscent of that infamous ‘Baby Incident’.  This time, since it was a quick trip, I ran in carrying just my car key and my credit card.  I got so excited about the great deals I found that I misplaced both of them.  In a panic, I ran to the front of the store and asked if anyone had turned them in (after scooping up all of my potential purchases).  When the manager appeared with my key and card, I was relieved!  Whew!  “OK, time for more shopping!”  I told my mother.  All she could do was laugh.  She is aware of my illness and is checking into 12-step programs.  icon smile Day #294:  Intense Joy

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