Day #353: Home Stretch

Now that I have cut back on blogging on weekends, I realize that I’ve made it to the home stretch of this 365-day project.  Come Monday, there will be just 10 days left.  Gosh!  I look back on the last year and so much has happened!  It’s amazing what you notice when you open your eyes to the world around you.  I think that sometimes I wish that I had kept my ‘blinders’ on!  I’m sure I’ll reflect on all of my ‘lessons learned’ closer to day 365.  Right now, I’m just wondering how best to spend these last 10 days.  Should I recap?  Should I make plans for the future?  Should I stage some big, glitzy giveaway as a thank you to those who have supported me in this crazy journey?

This is the part where a little ‘audience participation’ would really help!  I also don’t know what comes next for me — in so many ways.  Should I continue to blog?  Clearly the daily grind of writing 500 words has gotten to me.  Five days has been much better, but I debate if I should even continue to do that much.  In the coming months, I need to focus the bulk of my attention on my tenure application and enjoying my munchkins.  I allow myself to be stretched in so many directions and that’s just not good.  One of the biggest lessons that I have learned in this past year, is that it is much better to do a great job at just one or two things than a ‘half-assed’ job at a multitude of things.  As my husband calls it, this has been a “journey of self-discovery” and I think it was a necessary one.  Still, I keep asking myself the question, “what’s next?”  I promised my father a book proposal by the end of the summer, but I still have no idea about the theme or the basic content.  Any ideas?

I think what I really want/need is a vacation.  It feels as if I have done nothing but work and manage crises for the last two years.  I would love to feel sand between my toes and for more than just the 30 minutes or so that I have between conference sessions and a working dinner.  I would give anything to go one week (or even a weekend) without reading an e-mail or a text message or holding a phone to my ear.  I want to listen to music and sip fruity drinks and not worry about research, teaching or service — or even swimming, biking or running.  Wow!  That sounds absolutely decadent.  That probably means it will NEVER happen!

Anyway, this is just the beginning of the reflective process and my attempt to begin assembling the many “Thank You” messages that I will begin to post for the special people who have supported me along the way.  Again, if you have ideas on how I should close out this year, please share them.  If you have ideas on what I should do after this year is complete, please share that too.  I always love getting comments and emails.  Thanks for those.  You know who you are!  icon wink Day #353: Home Stretch

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