Day #237: Weekend Reading February 26-27, 2011

Here are a few great articles that you might have missed this week.  The main themes are college and blogging, but I ran across one article on ice cream made with breast milk that I just had to share!


Liz urged students not to forego college out of fear of taking on debt to finance it.  It reminded me of the classic ‘underinvestment’ problem in finance.  This is the case where managers fail to invest in projects that would increase firm value.  Effectively, Weston’s article argues that students make the same mistake when they fail to elect to go to college.  A college education tends to increase one’s earning potential.  Bypassing college represents the decision to underinvest in yourself.

Bogey from Back Nine Finance did a three-part guest post at Free Money Finance explaining how he landed his dream career not long after graduating from college.  Since graduation for my students is just a few short months away, I’m hoping that they read this and take notes!  Follow Bogey’s story here, here and here.

For an alternative view of college — focusing on graduate school, check out what Divine has to say.  At first glance, I read her post as anti-college, but after reading it more carefully, I think she makes excellent points.  When it comes to graduate school, it’s not necessarily the right thing for every student.  Further, expensive doesn’t mean better.  I have often counseled students considering graduate school by using Stephen’s words “begin with the end in mind“.  That is, first figure out where it is that you want to go and then match a strategy to that plan.  It may turn out that that strategy doesn’t include higher education!

While we’re on the subject of college and graduate school in particular, Brandon at Fat Wallet gives an amusing take on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).  This is the test that most business schools require as part of the admissions process for graduate school.  Wu gives five surefire ways to blow the exam and then provides an alternatives to increase the probability of a desired outcome.  It makes for a much more interesting read than the traditional test-taking advice!


Sandy at Yes, I am Cheap wrote an interesting guest post at John C sharing her recent experience with J C.  It turns out that there has been a lot of hubub lately about links to websites in an effort to artificially boost traffic.  Sandy’s article gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what bloggers are facing these days.

Mr. Broke Professional, half of the writing team at Broke Professionals, posted an interesting how-to at on blogging with your spouse.  I personally found this one interesting because of how my husband I often work together.  However, my husband acts more as a regular guest contributor than a co-blogger, so there isn’t much room for conflict.

Strange But True

Here’s something I never want to try.  Bonnie at WalletPop told us about breast milk ice cream.  I’m not sure what’s surprised me most about this story:  the fact that such a thing exists, the fact that it sells for $23 per scoop or the fact that it sold out almost immediately.  Will wonders never cease?

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